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Green Hills

Sustainable materials made with the acid that's also an alcohol. 

Our Mission


The linear model of making products that begins with extraction and concludes with end-of-life disposal has created 3 global scale problems.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Environmental pollution 

Plastic waste on human health

We Need to Radically Transform the Chemicals Industry.

Our mission starts with Glycolic Acid.



Purolic Acid™

Purolic Acid™ is our 100% biobased glycolic acid.

Purolic Acid™ is made from a renewable feedstock that originate as FSC Certified Wood. Our microbes produce glycolic acid through fermentation that is similar to making beer and wine.  

By choosing to use renewable plant-derived raw materials for Purolic Acid™, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint.  Purolic Acid™ starts off as CO2 from the atmosphere.  So, when it eventually biodegrades as all consumer products do, it returns to the atmosphere from where it was initially sourced. 

Purolic Acid™ is designed for the highest quality applications in mind.  Skincare

Beauty Products

Why Purolic Acid™?

The New Hero Ingredient You'll Love


100% Biobased & Fermentation Made

Purolic Acid™ is a USDA Certified Biobased Product.   It is designed specifically for cosmetic and personal care formulators looking for a cleaner, more sustainable, high purity glycolic acid.  


The USDA Biobased Certified designation has been created to help consumers readily identify products made from bio-based raw materials. 

The designation is achieved after an independent, third-party laboratory verifies the biobased content using Carbon-14 dating techniques.


Fully Traceable

Purolic Acid™ begins its journey as FSC Certified wood, offering a complete chain of custody and unmatched traceability.  

We value transparency in supply chains and we know you do too. Our rigorous traceability standards guarantee that customers choosing Purolic Acid™ can trust in an ingredient created through the most sustainable and top-tier processes, free of the harmful impurities that can be found in uncertified and untested suppliers.   


Formaldehyde Free

Petrochemical processes are the primary route for manufacturing glycolic acid.  Formaldehyde or monochloroacetic acid are the most common starting materials.  Impurity profiles can vary depending on the manufacturer, with sulfates, formaldehyde and dichloroacetic acid detectable.

Fermentation is a simple, biological process that generates a high purity, potent glycolic acid ingredient that is free of formaldehyde.  


Lower Carbon Footprint

Purolic Acid™ is your sustainable choice. By opting for renewable plant-derived materials, we make a substantial impact on reducing our carbon footprint. Purolic Acid™ begins its journey as atmospheric carbon dioxid, and when it eventually biodegrades, it returns to its original source—the atmosphere. We estimate that this approach reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over 40% compared to the conventional petrochemical process.

Beyond Skincare

Purolic Acid™ exceptional quality extends its utility beyond skincare. Its purity and sustainability make it an ideal ingredient for applications such as adhesives and coatings where high-quality performance is crucial. Its reliability and lack of impurities enhance its value in the production of polymers.

Closing a Box


Glycolic acid used in adhesives provides low melt, highly flexible formulations.

Car Painting


High performance coatings Purolic Acid offer excellent biodegradability and compostable properties.

Plastic Bottles


Suitable in everything from packaging to textiles.  Polymers made with Purolic Acid also provide excellent barrier properties .

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